At Plot Twist Farm, part of our mission is to promote the best that local agriculture has to offer.

That's why we've partnered with the local farms or farmers listed below to make it easier for you to include local agriculture in your daily eating.


Sleepy Creek Maple Syrup & Honey

Located in Venango, Pennsylvania, Sleepy Creek Honey & Maple Syrup is a family-run business that began in the spring of 2004 with a 2’x6’ wood-fired evaporator and 300 taps in a 12’x16’ sugarhouse. After the completion of the 2009 season, Sleepy Creek upgraded to a 40’x32’ sugarhouse, with a 3’x12’ evaporator, and 1,400 taps collected in buckets and tubing. In an average year, they produce 300 gallons of maple syrup.

In 2006, the folks at Sleepy Creek began keeping honeybees with eight hives. Three years later, they had approximately 60 hives and started doing crop pollination in Crawford and Erie counties. Sleepy Creek produces 250 pounds of honey, per year, on average. Currently, their focus is to produce spring and late summer nucs (small bee colonies) to replace their winter losses, and to sell to fellow beekeepers.

Core Goods

In addition to fresh produce, select boxes will feature products from Core Goods, of Oil City. This will make your weekly newsletter recipe even more convenient.

Dave & Heather Duke

Located in Black Ash, Pennsylvania, the Duke family has been cultivating and harvesting hundreds of naturally raised blueberry bushes for several decades, and we are lucky enough to provide them to our CSA members!

Dreese Family Farms

Located in Townville, Pennsylvania, Dreese Family Farms has served, in the past, as our supplier of naturally raised pastured poultry, as well as farm fresh eggs. 

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